July 19 - August 3 2016:

2 weeks, 13 cities, and 3000km later, my lifelong dream of traveling Cuba is complete. With a backpack in hand, 2 compañeros by my side (Elaina Nakhleh and Sebastian Blati), and our starry-eyed longing for adventure, we set off on our journey. Navigating our rental car with only a paper map, and no pre-booked accommodation, our faith in the country allowed us to meet the most interesting of characters and enter the humblest of homes.  

All photos taken on my Sony A7R, with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. Click on the images to enlarge them. 



We stopped in Camagüey, as a pitstop on our way to Santiago de Cuba. The town seemed fairly quiet, except for the lovely Eldios and his wife Maria, who welcomed us into their colonial home while their son studies medicine in Havana. 

Maria as a young bride on the left, then with her son, Vicente on the right.