Amman Design Week 2016: Kheit Halfa Ala Heit Khalfa

In collaboration with the Jordan River Foundation, Kheit Halfa Ala Heit Khalfa خيت حلفة على حيت خلفه was an installation done for Amman Design Week by Amman-based architect Sabrina Baggili and multidisciplinary artist Bayan Dahdah. 

2 renders by Bayan Dahdah

The title translates to 'Halfa rope with a wall behind it', playing on the words of a child's tongue twister. The premise of the craft comes from products made of banana tree leaves and Halfa grass selvage, weaving them together to form endless shapes. 

The space involves panels made of strands of Halfa rope weavings, made by local women supported by the Jordan River Foundation, as well as fronds of these leaves upon entry, providing organic sounds and interactions when entering the installation. 

The installation’s rotating panel was interactive, producing sounds that remind visitors of its presence in the site and the women behind it, whose livelihoods rely on such handcrafts.

Images courtesy of Amman Design Week

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